Poland Prize powered by Space3ac – join equity-free acceleration program for startups!

This time we brought top-class startups to Gdańsk, Poland. We support their growth within the Polish market. The accelerator is financed by Poland Prize program.

Recived Applications!

Poland Prize powered by Space3ac benefits for startups

Up to 45 000 € equity free in cash

and up to 12 500 € in expert services for each team in the acceleration phase and much more of potential investment from investors.

Soft landing in Poland

Support in registering company in Poland, training in Polish business law, accommodation, dedicated VISA track for non-EU citizens

Demo Day

Show your startup in front of our community – corporates, investors, mentors, alumni, partners, local governments, and media.

Gdańsk: TOP 5 "Destinations on the Rise" by Trip Advisor.

Work and live in city of Gdańsk, a place with great history, atmosphere and thriving startup ecosystem.

Industry Partners

Leading companies in their industries in Poland for which accelerated startups will develop their innovative solutions

Business and technical mentorship

Customer development & acquisition help on every level from experienced entrepreneurs and mentors from all over the world.

Dedicated patron for each team

For the whole acceleration phase will track your progress and help you with the organization of work and meetings.

Place to work at O4 coworking

Office + space for mentorship and a workshop for dirty job

Great networking opportunities

With representatives of mentors, investors, industry, companies, business, academia and public administration.

Join Poland Prize powered by Space3ac

Eligible for:

» Teams (companies, scientific and academia teams, TT center spin-offs) of 2 to 4 people.

» At least 50% of their company shares must belong to founders/team members from abroad (outside Poland).

» Technology readiness: TRL 3+

» At least one Board member must be from abroad (outside Poland).

» Capability of answering the technical challenges defined by our Partners (tech recipients).

Previous editions:


Data Science

Transport and Logistics

Prop Tech

Challenges for startups

Our Poland Prize powered by Space3ac industry partners are looking for solutions for some crucial problems. They not only would like to test your solutions but also to pay for them. Your chances for acceleration phase will grow if you help our partners with their pains.

Challenge 1

Creating an cyber security incident aggregator IT/ OT

Industry Partner: PZU Lab


Challenge 2

Visualization of risks arising in high risk industrial plants based on predefined loss scenarios

Industry Partner: PZU Lab

#datascience #proptech

Challenge 3

An automatic assignment system of visual inspection for mobile experts

Industry Partner: PZU Lab


Challenge 4

Use of the “Industry 4.0” concept in risk management of industrial plants by using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industry Partner: PZU Lab


Challenge 5

Water detection system based on wireless sensors that do not require a network connection

Industry Partner: Olivia Business Centre


Challenge 6

Solutions integrating OBC with the environment in the areas of public, private, shared transport and information on mass events

Industry Partner: Olivia Business Centre


Challenge 7

A detailed concept of a spatial information system for the terrain of the Port of Gdansk.

Industry Partner:The Port of Gdansk Authority


Challenge 8

A system for monitoring technical condition of the quays of the Port of Gdansk

Industry Partner: The Port of Gdansk Authority

#proptech #transport&logistics

Challenge 9

A system that allows customers to connect with their Orange account using voice assistance (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.)

Industry Partner: Orange Poland


Challenge 10

A preventive software tool (AI based) that detects anomalies in services / bills

Industry Partner:Orange Poland


Challenge 11

A self-diagnostic application for mobile phones that analyses the quality of the network / connection

Industry Partner: Orange Poland


Challenge 12

A system that collects anonymous aggregate information (consistent with GDPR) on the behavior of users on the web

Industry Partner: Orange Poland


Challenge 13

A tool that collects, analyses and addresses data regarding single-client niches

Industry Partner:Orange Poland


Challenge 14

System that allows managing the relationship with the whole household as a single custome

Industry Partner: Orange Poland


Challenge 15

Services for monetizing customer relations during telephone sales

Industry Partner: Orange Poland


Challenge 16

LTE-M communication modules for lighting control

Industry Partner:Orange Poland


Challenge 17

LTE-M communication modules for electric meters

Industry Partner: Orange Poland


Challenge 18

System that allows measurement of heat loss during transmission or measurement of energy emited to the environment.

Industry Partner: Orange Poland


Challenge 19

A system to holds records for water permits and cost analysis for specific areas in the Port of Gdansk

Industry Partner:Port of Gdansk Authority

#datascience #proptech

Challenge 20

A guide application about port companies meant for external carriers.

Industry Partner: Port of Gdansk Authority


Challenge 21

An augmented reality application for visitors of the Port of Gdansk

Industry Partner:Port of Gdansk Authority

#datascience #proptech

Challenge 22

Integration of the satellite module with the drone, in order to eliminate the limitation of the control range.

Industry Partner:PZU Lab

#datascience #proptech

Challenge 23

System generating semi-automatic operational procedures as well as supervising procedures for the needs of control over technical security of industrial facilities

Industry Partner:PZU Lab

#datascience #proptech

Don’t forget to check for updates. List of the Poland Prize powered by Space3ac challenges will grow during the application phase. You can also apply with a project which is not connected to reported problems. Each great downstream startup idea has chances to get access to the acceleration phase.

Poland Prize powered by Space3ac organizers:


How does it work?

I. Application & evaluation phase

Step 1 – The rules

Check program regulations and conditions. Learn more about business needs of our Industry Partners which might be your first big clients in Poland

Step 2 – Get more details

Join one of our information meetings or webinars and learn more about the program

Step 3 – Apply

Fulfill application form, wait for an interview with our team and the results of the evaluation process. At least 15 teams will be selected for next phase of evaluation – Preparation Camp.

II. Preparation Camp

Step 4 – Meetings with Industry Partners

Visit Gdansk and talk with representatives of Industry Partners, mentors and startup patrons that will help you during acceleration phase

Step 5 – Pitch

Prepare 5-minute pitch about things that you’re doing and show the idea of your solution for the pains of Industry Partner that you would like to work with

Step 6 – Access to the accelerator

Accelerator will select at least 8 teams that will get access into acceleration phase and receive equity-free funding

III. Soft landing

Step 7 – Visit Gdansk

Our team will provide you accommodation and catering and show you local startup ecosystem, mentors, business partners and help you in better understanding the rules of making business in Poland

Step 8 – Company registration

We will help you in registering your company in Poland and prepare formal documents for acceleration phase

Step 9 – Acceleration agreement

Sign acceleration agreement and receive the first tranche of equity-free funding

IV. Acceleration phase

Whole Poland Prize powered by Space3ac acceleration program will be hosted in the biggest coworking place in Poland – O4. We’ll provide you a place to work, meeting rooms, access to hardware lab, social area and chillout space, unlimited tea and coffee and a lot of side events around Olivia Business Centre.

Step 10 – Mentorship

For 3 months you will get up to 80 hours of technical and business mentorship. Rest of the time you will spend on really hard work and business development

Step 11 – Test drive with an Industry Partner

Prepare a test implementation plan for your solution and deliver it to an Industry Partner. Receive more equity-free funding, a total up to 33 000 €.

Step 12 – Demo Day preparation

Prepare final pitch deck and improve your presentation – use wisely access to 150+ investors and companies looking for innovations during Demo Day at infoShare 2019. Fight for bonus equity-free funding €10 000.

V. Demo Day

VI. Post-acceleration

Step 13 – Lighthouse deal

Negotiate conditions of commercial cooperation with your Industry Partner and make a lighthouse deal!

Step 14 – Investment round

Get extra funding from investors and move your business to the next level

Step 15 – Alumni network

Get additional support and become a part of our alumni network. Help other startups in making their first steps in cooperation with large business partners

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The Programme is financed under the Smart Growth Operational Programme, Priority Axis II Support for the environment and capacity of enterprise for R&D&I activity, Measure 2.4 Cooperation within the framework of the national innovation, Pilotage Poland Prize, Submeasure 2.4.1 Centre for analysis and pilotage of new inno_LAB instruments.

The total amount of received funds is 4 984 000 PLN.